May 2023

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Down on the farm 52 last month 4/23 – Tony Palmer

Meetings and events over the coming year – Tony Palmer

Notes from Phil Trangmar’s talk on the New Permit Procedures

An Important AAIB Report

Small Ads

Down on the farm 52 last month 4/23

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

We are going over the plane and checking everything again, waiting for the rain to stop and waiting for the LAA to complete the paperwork. One good thing is Francis will give us a 5% uplift on our MTOW assuming the climb rate is acceptable with full weight.

Friedrichshafen Show

Bristell B8 coming to an airport near you soon!! Bristell intends bringing a demo plane to the UK and selling a UK only 700kg version


Super quick Microlight

Strut members Mike and Richard next to a rescue Bell 212

A German Klemm L25C 1934

130 HP 25 litres/hr Turbine installed in Bristell NG5 (waste heat recovery)

A German Klemm L20 20hp 1927 ground roll 24.5m

Popham Microlight Show

Popham Microlight Show (Tony Berryman)

Popham Microlight Show (Tony Berryman)

Farry and I went to the Popham Microlight show on the Saturday but I forgot to take any pictures but luckily Tony Berryman took some and attached are some pictures he took.

Bristell UK did not have a dedicated stand and we could not fly in as the farms are still too wet but we were lucky that a Bristell owner was based at Popham and he kindly offered his plane to be on the LAA stand where we could promote Bristell. We spent all day just communicating with the LAA, CAA, BMAA and everyone within the light aviation community.

Popham microlight show (Tony Berryman)

Tony Palmer

Meetings and events over the coming year

We need ideas for strut talkers to cover June, Aug, Sept and October.

We have 2 strut trophies which I have on the window ledge waiting for a suitable candidate; please nominate a club member for something outstanding.

  • May strut night: Quiz
  • Private flyer festival Booker 19/20th (don’t miss it)
  • June strut night: TBA
  • Aeroexpro UK Sywell 8/10th (should be good)
  • Flyin at Chilsfold farm
  • Goodwood FOS 13/16th
  • Firle Hill climb 30/31st
  • August strut night: TBA
  • Flyin at Palmersfarm 4.8.23
  • September strut night: TBA
  • Goodwood Revival 8/10th
  • October strut night: TBA
  • November strut night: Film show
  • December strut night: Xmas dinner

We have the following number of people interested in joining us at the Parham Gliding evening on June the 6th:-

Paul Griffin

Jacqui Manley

Richard Valle

Grace McGarry

Mike Thomas

Tony Batchelar

Richard Griffiths + Step Daughter

Tony Musson

Richard Smith & Hannah

Tony Palmer

If anyone has friends or relatives that would like to come, even if you the member does not want to participate.

Tony Palmer

Notes from Phil Trangmar’s talk on the New Permit Procedures

These can be found here: New Permit Procedures Notes If you wish to consult them in the future, they are on the website under the Resources\Information_and_Tips page.

An Important AAIB Report

An extremely informative, if uncomfortable to read AAIB report on an aircraft in inadvertent IMC, and what might be expected in the way of assistance. There is much to learn from this incident. Trigger warning: it didn’t turn out well.

Small Ads

Share available in The Sussex Cessna

Side view of a taxiing Cessna C172 showing it's white, blue and yellow livery, with the Sussex flag martlets on its tail.

I’m selling my share in this IFR capable Cessna 172 maintained by The 5% Flying Club, an extremely well run syndicate of 20 members. Hangared at Shoreham, availability is good and the group has a relaxed attitude to taking multiple day trips. Booking is via the Goboko website. The group website with further details is at:

Contact me via the webmaster page, or catch me at a Strut meeting.

Richard Griffiths


For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.