“Dodgy Dave” Skertchly’s Piper Cherokee G-ATIS

G-ATIS is my favourite Piper Cherokee, and is usually parked on row 13 at Shoreham.  Built in Vero Beach in 1963 she is number 28-2713. The British Flight manual was prepared by Beagle Miles Aircraft at Shoreham and is inscribed “N.F Duke esq”, who was the first owner. It has the high compression 160hp Lycoming engine and hence the “go faster” streamlined cowling. The wings are however the square Herschey bar wings with a stall which sure grabs your attention.

Piper Cherokee G-ATIS on the ground with a man and a woman standing in front.
The two loves of my life at Shoreham

G-ATIS was bought in a dilapidated condition by my former flying partner Malcolm, who had the engine zero timed. He also had the dash updated to include a Garmin GNS 530 and full IFR fit, including (by accident) 2 ILS sets. We later updated the undercarriage and fitted a mode S. transponder. I have IMC and night ratings so can (only just) use my ratings if pushed, but all the dials sure impres the ladies.

Malcolm (right) and I (left) fly G-ATIS on final approach to runway 26 at Popham

I bought a half share in 2007 and then bought Malcolm out 2 years ago when I moved to Worthing.

For most of the time maintenance was overseen by John Eagles, but G-ATIS is now looked after by Dave Hockings at Deanland. While I am busy running my business it makes sense to have it looked after professionally.

My greatest pleasure is touring and I enjoy trips to Europe. Here are 2 memorable photos.

Cherokee G-ATIS parked in front of a a group of people sitting in camp chairs.
G-ATIS at the RSA rally in Vichy in 2008. We spent the evening drinking with the group of Frenchmen camped next to us. It appeared to us that there were 10 of them in a Jodel, surely not!
A view of the Mohne Dam from the air.
The Mohne Dam viewed from G-ATIS in 2009