December 2021

In this month’s edition:

  • The LAA has a new Chairman – Steve Slater
  • Down of the Farm 38, October 2021 – Tony Palmer
  • Avgas made from Water and Air courtesy of the RAF
  • New CAA Safety Sense Leaflet: VFR Moving Maps
  • Small Ads

The LAA has a new Chairman

Eryl Smith has become the Chairman of the Light Aircraft Association, succeeding Tim Hardy who after three years in the role has stepped aside to further his other interests in recreational aviation; in airspace advocacy and as the UK importer of the Sling range of kit-built aircraft. Tim will continue to serve as an LAA Director.

Eryl is a long-time member and supporter of the Association, having been an active member of the LAA Andover Strut for over 15 years and Strut Treasurer as well as a member of the LAA Board since 2018. Eryl has previously served as Association Secretary and a member of the Marketing Sub Committee. Most recently he led the team organising the very successful 2021 LAA Rally.

Said Eryl: “I have been fortunate to combine a professional career in civil aviation airport management with a passion for recreational flying, initially gaining a CCF flying scholarship, which I undertook at Perth before gaining my PPL in 1996. I have shares in an Aeronca Champ and a Cessna 177. The LAA is faced with many exciting opportunities and challenges as it continues to grow and evolve. I’m looking forward to drawing upon my wide professional experience whilst ensuring the LAA remains true to and connected with its grass roots membership.”

Steve Slater

Down of the Farm 38, October 2021

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

The next thing to complete was the Gap straps that cover the wing roots. John had made them out of wood before he died, we had discussed making them from aluminium alloy sheet but decided to modify Johns wooden ones by cutting them in half and permanently fixing the bottom half to the lower section of the centre section. The top piece is loose once it has been removed and will probably be retained with a light chain or similar so that it does not get lost.

The geometry is very complicated as the straps are 122mm wide and have wrap around all sorts of curves and given that the wings have a cord of about 2 metres at root i.e. the straps are about 7 foot in circumference.

View of the two sections tensioned with the over centre clip

View of the top strap and the titanium rear hook over the trailing edge

View of the two straps separated at the leading edge

View of the strip flooded again but with a nice sky

Tony Palmer

Avgas made from Water and Air courtesy of the RAF

Seems unlikely at first sight, but the the technology is actually quite old and really does work.  Interesting article in Pilot Magazine

New CAA Safety Sense Leaflet: VFR Moving Maps

In their revised series of the General Aviation Safety Sense Leaflets the CAA have tackled moving map GPS devices: SkyDemon, RunwayHD, AirNavigationPro, ForeFlight Mobile, etc.  Worth a read to make you think about how you actually follow that magenta line and how it might lead you astray.  Mentions some obvious issues, and some less obvious ones.  Download as a pdf: Safety Sense: VFR Moving Map Devices

Small Ads

I have permission to test fly my Rans so it will be for sale shortly.  Anyone interested give me a call, 01273 558888  Don Lord


  • No club night this month.  Instead there is the Strut Christmas Dinner

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