April 2017

In this month’s edition:

  • Photos from last month’s meeting
  • From Dave Websdale’s Archive: 1990 Strut Fly-In

Last Month’s Meeting: Talk by Tony Gardner

The talk given by Tony Gardiner entitled “You’ve never had it so good” was on transport during the 1960’s 70’s and 80’s.

Pictures by Dave Websdale

From Dave Websdale’s Archive: 1990 Strut Fly-In

Glory-days!  A report on a Strut organised fly-in at Shoreham in 1990 (when such a thing was possible there).   The list of different types and home bases is impressive.  I was intrigued to see Findon listed; that’s just down the road from me.  When did it close?

Maybe an inspiration for us to make something memorable of the fly-in’s the Strut will be associated with this year.

SOUTHERN STRUT FLY-IN  Sunday 22nd. July 1990

Our Annual Fly -in at Shoreham, organised this year by Chris Foss, Mike Grigson and Don Lord, proved very successful albeit with only limited numbers of visiting aircraft. No doubt quite a lot of would-be visitors were deterred by the rather brisk easterly wind which we could have done without on such a lovely sunny day. The date also clashed with the Badminton Air Day which always attracts high numbers and may have drawn some of the aircraft which would have otherwise come to Shoreham. However, the Tombola and other fund-raisers brought in a few pounds for the Strut and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.
Amongst the guests it was nice to see Richard Almond,recovering well from his recent further operation, and Peter Campbell, who prints our Newsletter. Peter was selling copies of his book about Shoreham Airport in the 1950s and made a contribution to our funds.

The following aircraft were present :-
A/C Regn.    Type    Pilot    From
G-ARIO    Piper Colt    Dupee    Denham
G-CWOT    Currie Wot    Lord    Swanborough
G-ATLV    Jodel D120    Greenwood    Swanborough
G-BRXL    Aeronca 11AC    Jones    North Weald
G-BNIK    Robin HR200    Smeaton    Popham
G-AKPF    Miles Magister    brook    Shoreham
G-AVLO    Bolkow Junior    Webb    Popham
G-BDCD    Piper Cub    Ball    Slinfold
G-AWLI    Piper Tr-Pacer    Lewery    Lee-on-Solent
G-ARUG    Auster Autocar    Hulme    Biggin Hill
G-ATDN    Beagle Terrier    Cobby    Biggin Hill
G-BCGH    Nord NC854S    Palmer    Nayland
G-AHCK    Auster Alpha    Woodman    Shoreham
G-BBUU    Piper Cub    Frampton    Andrewsfield
G-AYYT    Jodel Sidle Record    Gee    Sandown
G-AXLS    Jodel Ambassadeur    Fryatt    Sandown
G-BFFD    Jodel D112    Manley    Slinfold
G-BRXK    Soko Kraguj    Pearce    Findon
G-AVWJ    Piper Cherokee    Steer    Fairoaks
G-BKRH    Brugger Colibri    Benwell    Cranfield
G-AMEN    Piper Super Cub    Lovejoy    Lasham
G-ARHF    Aircoupe    Dufort    Heathfield
G-BDXX    Nord NC854S    Rowell    Newnham Farm,IOW
G-BAFV    Piper Super Cub    Elliott    Deanland
G-OVPR    Cessna 172    Jenkins    Cardiff
G-BDHJ    Pazmany PLi    Matthews    Shobden
G-APTP    Piper Pacer    Fox    Roughay
G-AYBD    Cessna 150    Fox    Roughay

Public Consultation on the Airspace Change Proposal concerning the Introduction of Improved GNSS Instrument Approach Procedures

Still a chance to comment on Shoreham’s proposed GNSS instrument approach procedure, by 18th May.  Those who are IMC rated may find themselves making use of it eventually.  Click the link to respond to the consultation.

Airbourne Eastbourne

The only local air-show this year is going to be at Eastbourne, 17th to 20th August 2017.  They have booked the Red Arrows, so I’ll certainly be making the trip there.  Sitting up on Beachy Head and looking down on the aircraft makes it a unique experience.  Click the link for the latest details.

Upcoming Events

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Please suggest/volunteer to organize some more. :-)