May 2021

In this edition:

  • Government Publishes a General Aviation ‘Roadmap’
  • Video on Strip Flying
  • Down on the farm 32 this month 4/21 – Tony Palmer
  • Project Pegasus Relaunch

Government Publishes a General Aviation ‘Roadmap’

The government has published its vision, strategic priorities and forward programme of work to support the General Aviation (GA) sector.  Why everything has to be a ‘road map’ is a puzzle; it’s more of a slide-deck – but positive nonetheless.

Video on Strip Flying

A nicely produced video of tips on strip flying – UK based.

Down on the farm 32 this month 4/21

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

We have had good news; we have won a prize of £1000 from the Transport Trust towards the restoration. There will be a prize giving at Brooklands once they can organise it with regard to Covid 19.

The exhaust tail pipes are competed. The pipe to manifold joint is a slip joint which is retained in a similar manner to my DH82C Tiger, it seemed to be simple, fool proof and of course the design had been tested and proved by many Tiger training hours!!

Two men standing near to a Klem aircraft in a hanagar, in discussion.

Jim and I explaining something to Tony Berryman

The engine cowl is progressing well; we have sorted the left hand upper side and will replicate the design on the right hand side. The pic below shows the cowl fixing which are spare ones from the Tiger project and we have made the circular detent plates from Titanium for lightness and we don’t have to paint them (the paint would be worn of in use anyway) See pics.

The starboard engine cowling of a Klem aircraft.

Starboard cowl with titanium detent plates formed on the 20T press

The underside of the engine instalation of a Klem aircraft.

View underneath showing the routing of the exhaust pipes

Bristell NG5 G-NGBB

Nothing much on this project as I am waiting for Farry to come and install the wiring harnesses that he has made while at home during the shutdown.

Rotax 912 Supercharged engine Mk2

The unit has been calibrated using a 56lb weight borrowed from Phil Tranmar.

A heavy metal tube attached to a metal plate with two g-clamps.

56lb weight used during calibration. Marks are 50ft lb increments

Tiger Moth DH82C 5084

The Tiger has had another outing last week and has had a top to bottom clean by Steve and Rosie. Steve took some good shots at Deanland on arrival and departure. I guess with the completion of the Klemm coming up soon it will be time to move it to a new home, so if you know someone who might be interested in being the custodian and looking after a 1941 DH82C 5084 for future enthusiasts, it has all mod cons to make it possible for single pilot operation ie Electric start, tailwheel, brakes, and a Trig radio and mode S transponder, heater in the front cockpit and just over 50 hours on the rebuilt engine and a brand new Hercules 604 prop.

A sparkling clean yellow Tiger Moth parked in a hangar

A super clean 5084

A yello Tiger Moth in flight approaching a runway threshold.

Arriving Deanland

A side view of a yellow Tiger Moth in flight near the ground.

Leaving Deanland

Tony Palmer

Project Pegasus Relaunch

A poster for the Project Pegasus campaign.

The police would like our help to relaunch Project Pegasus which has been an ongoing project. We all need to be on the lookout for nefarious activity on and around our landing grounds and to report any suspicious activity to the police.

If you see anything even remotely suspicious please do not hesitate to let the police know. An apparently insignificant event may actually be the vital part of the missing jigsaw in solving a crime or preventing an act of terrorism. As far as I am aware, there have been no recent Rotax 912 thefts but the crooks are still out there and ready to steal your engine at any time, so please keep an eye open. With regard to terrorism, the current mainland National Threat Level is still ‘Substantial.’ It is incumbent upon us all to look out for each other by looking out for the bad guys.

And here is a leaflet on what and how to report: Pegasus Report Leaflet

David Millin  LAA.


Corona Virus RestrictionsThere will be no club nights at the moment.  Might be possible soon but not everyone will feel comfortable coming for quite a while.

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.  I’m including exhibitions and displays later in the year as they are announced; it’s nice to have something to look forward to – let’s hope they happen.