January 2012 Issue

AGM this club night

Please give some thought to events, talks etc for the coming year, if you cannot make it to the meeting perhaps you can e mail me your thoughts. Is anyone interested in taking over any of the committee duties ie Newsletter editor, strut co-ordinator or NC representative.

Bits and pieces

I am thinking about going to Oshkosh this coming July, would any of the club members want to go as well? I have checked flights and the budget price so far for a direct Virgin flight from Heathrow to Chicago including in a large people carrier is just over £900. We have stayed at Ripon College previously which is very reasonable: I am waiting for an E mail with the prices from Ripon.


Below is a selection of photos taken at the Xmas dinner, I think it went down reasonably well I hope but I only received one feed back from Jerry Dawe which was positive. If anyone is missing from the photo’s I apologise.

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