Paul Reilly’s Nando Trail

At the LAA rally I placed an order for a Nando Trail, supplied by Graham Smith. My kit arrived in the UK on the 22nd December but I’m still waiting to pick it up in the middle of January. The kit does come fairly ‘flat packed’ as it arrives in a 4m x 1m wooden box with the cockpit cage and main gear leg strapped to the top of it.

Nando Gropo Delivery

This will be my 4th project with one ‘still in progress’ and will let you know how I get on. Engine choice is still to be decided but will be a cost effective motor in these challenging times. Current front runners are a 2nd hand Rotax 912 or Jabiru 2200 or an Aerovee but this requires a redesign to the engine mount. The reason for the choice of this aircraft is that it’s a well-priced aircraft that allows for plenty of build variables and offers me a chance to own a tail dragger.

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