November 2016

  • Talk on Wednesday 2nd November: The Tragic Story of the R 101, by Blay Whitby
  • Strut Christmas Dinner
  • Trip to Flyer Live at Telford

Talk on Wednesday 2nd November: The Tragic Story of the R 101, by Blay Whitby

Most people know that just over 100 years ago the British built the largest moving object on the planet and lost it on the first trip with passengers on board. What not so many people know is that 18 years later they built the largest object that had ever flown and lost it on the first trip with passengers on board.

The disastrous crash of the R 101 is a classic tragedy in that it could be foreseen.  As one aviation writer put it: “The mystery is not why the R 101 crashed: the mystery is why anyone thought it was safe to fly”.  However, the full account of the events leading up to the tragic maiden flight is a story rich in relevant lessons about aircraft design, testing, and the management of large high-tech government projects.

Dr Blay Whitby is an ex-RAF pilot and flies from Shoreham.  His day job is as a philosopher and ethicist concerned with the social impact of new and emerging technologies. He is a leading expert in the field and the author of many books and papers on the subject.  He is a member of the Ethics Strategic Panel of British Computer Society, and a specialist advisor to the Engineering Ethics Group of the Royal Academy of Engineering.  Widening public engagement in science through debate is important to him and he is a regular speaker in community settings as well as having participated in several very high impact science/art collaborations.

Strut Christmas Dinner

This will be at the Tollgate in Bramber on  Wednesday 7th December.   There is no need to pre-order the meals as you pick on the night; its a carvery for the mains and includes 2 veggy options. The starters and sweets are also selected on the night.  Members dinner is paid, partners have to pay.

Please let Tony Palmer know if you (and any partner) are coming.  Send a message, phone him, email or catch him at the Strut night.

Trip to Flyer Live at Telford

We are organising a coach trip with Robin Flint to the premier indoor UK aviation event, Flyer Live  The date is Saturday 3rd December.  Depending on numbers the coach will cost about £15 per head (currently an estimate).  If you buy your entrance ticket in advance, there is a discount for LAA members.  We are also inviting along members of the University of Brighton Aeronautical Society, who will make the numbers up a bit.

Please let me (Richard Griffiths) know it you’d like to come.  Email me (address the newsletter comes from), or catch me on Wednesday evening.

Upcoming Events

Nest Strut Meeting, Wednesday 2nd December, 7:30 at the Swiss Cottage Shoreham:

Talk on R 101 by Blay Whitby

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.

Please suggest/volunteer to organize some more. :-)