December 2022

In this month’s issue:

  • Down on the farm 48 last month 11/22 – Tony Palmer
  • FAA Advice on See and Avoid – Richard Griffiths
  • ATC now able to use Flight Information Displays
  • Advertisements
  • Events

Down on the farm 48 last month 11/22

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

The rudder, elevator and ailerons have been completed and have been reinstalled. The problem has been that some of the registration letters crossed over the gap between the aileron and the wing, so with the repaint of the moving surface we had to order new partial letters and reapply them unfortunately the print people screwed up twice before we got an acceptable result. We also had not fitted the gap filling strip between the folding ‘cheese pieces’ and they also had registration letters already installed so we had to get partial letters to add across the gaps. Not a lot we can do until the strip dries out.

Not planes but an Alvis at the NEC with number 1 son

Tony Palmer

FAA Advice on See and Avoid

The US Federal Aviation Authority have recently issued some advice on ‘see and avoid’. Generally worth a read, but the table below particularly peaked my interest.

Note: This table uses data from Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB)
Aviation Investigation Report A99P0168, which references U.S. Naval Aviation
Safety Center released data concerning typical recognition and reaction times (in
seconds) for pilots confronted with a potential midair collision.

In a pre-retirement life I taught human-computer interaction design and have seen these calculations applied in that field. It is always surprising just how long human reaction takes. If my calculation is correct, then at GA type speeds (approx 100 kts) if you spot a head-on aircraft at less than 1,400 yards, you’ve had it! For scale, that is over 4 and a half times the distance from the three bar ‘countdown’ motorway exit sign to the turning. A chastening thought that might encourage you to invest in an electronic conspicuity device – and to keep your eyes out of the cockpit.

Download the FAA document here:

Richard Griffiths

Anyone fancy giving this a go?

More exciting than bungee jumping!

ATC now able to use Flight Information Displays

Southern Strut member Steve Hutt worked on the GA Airfield ATS ADS-B Traffic Display Trial back in 2017/18/19, on what became known as Flight Information Displays (FIDs). Following up on this, the CAA have published further regulations that permit use of FIDs by Air Traffic Controllers (alongside the previously permitted use by Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officers). The official documents can be found here:

Co-operative Surveillance Systems in FIS provision: New MATS Pt 1 SI, Radiotelephony SI and ATS SA

So, tighten up your joining and circuit discipline – they’ll be able to see exactly where you are now! 😈


Vans RV 7 Tailwheel 50% Share – £ 60,000

Selling on behalf of my co-owner who has to reluctantly retire for medical reasons.

Based at Laddingford, a quiet private strip in rural Kent with 750m grass runway. The aircraft has always been hangared and well looked after. Very good condition, low hours.

This aircraft was UK built in 2003

  • TTAF 538 hrs
  • Engine Lycoming IO-360, 200 hp 538hrs since top overhaul
  • MT prop 178 hrs
  • Permit to fly till 12 May 23
  • Leather RV seats, carpeted and spats.
  • Radio Funkwerke ATR 833A ,
  • Transponder Trig,
  • GPS Avmap EKP V and Pilot Aware

Can cruise at 140 kt+ or save fuel at 120kt, only22 litres hr.

Contact Geoff Collins 07757 099701 for further details


  • The Xmas dinner will be held at the Tollgate Hotel in The Street, Bramber, BN44 3WE at 19.30 on the 7th December. Be there at least 15 mins early as the car park gets full. The dinner will be a 3 course and the club will pay all of the cost of the meal for the paid up club member and £10 off of the meal for their partner or friend. You must book with Tony P before the event. Check you are on the list in the email you have been sent.
  • 7 December – International Civil Aviation Day

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.