Dave Scott

My interest in flying started at an early age but I never thought I would have the opportunity to fly as a pilot or own an aeroplane. This all changed when a friend of my wife’s asked if I would like to go flying with her husband Rod, obviously I jumped at the chance. If I remember correctly we flew to Dunkerswell from then on I flew with Rod in his Fair Travell Linnett on a regular basis out of Swanborough Farm, Lewes.

After approximately 10 months of flying with Rod the opportunity arose to buy a 50% share of the Linnet and I saw this as my chance to fulfil my dream and give me the incentive to obtain my PPL. The deal was done, I was now a 50% owner of G-ASZR, all I needed to do was to learn to fly.

DaveScott1I began to learn to fly at Headcorn in a Jodel D150 (G-AVEF) but after a couple of months and successfully completing the ground exams I switched to the Flying Hut at Shoreham and concluded my PPL in 7 weeks in their PA38 G-BYMD.

Rod and I continued to fly on a weekly basis. The longest flight we did was in 2004 when we flew to Le Touquet, Reims, Macon, Aurillac, Marmande, La Rochelle and Le Mans where we stayed for the 24 hour race before returning to Swanborough Farm.

DaveScott2In 2005 we sold the Linnet and purchased a Robin 220 (G-BLCT), we continued flying together and completed many European trips until Rod relocated and I then became the sole owner of the aeroplane. It was at this time that I decided to take my passion for flying one step further and build my own aeroplane, this was to end up being a Sportscruiser kit which was delivered on the 24.02.2008. I spent the following 12 months flying the Robin and building the Sportscruiser (510 hours) which successfully completed its maiden flight on 30.01.2009 in the hands of Will Greenwood. The Robin was sold and G-MRDS became my latest toy, I flew 76 hours visiting France, Germany and Ireland.

DaveScott3While I was flying the Sportscruiser an RV7 then appeared in the hangar owned and built by Alan Weal. We then started to fly together taking either the Sportscruiser or the RV7. After many hours flying Alan suggested I buy a half share in his RV7, so the Sportscruiser was sold and I became the co-owner of G-RISY. We completed many enjoyable flights together, the most memorable one being around Scotland, the Shetland island up to Unst and the Orkney island, taking 18 hours in all. Earlier this year I took G-RISY down to Cuers, Castiglione, Palazzolo, Venice and Cannes with several other RV’s. What a great piece of machinery!!!!


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