August 2018

Down on the farm 06

This month 07.18:-

Bristell NG5 G-NGAA progress report.

The wings are on and connected up. The tail plane complete is on and connected. The heater pipes are cut and fitted. Seats are in. Panel is complete. Coolant is in and is not leaking. Engine oil in and primed.

Things to do:-

  • Fuel Flow
  • Weight & Balance
  • Engine start & run tests
  • Programme the Dynon

Klemm L25C G-ACXE,

The painting /covering has started. To resin coat the wings meant we had to complete them.  We had to trial fit the ailerons because the operating rods were in a state of flux as the when John died.  Phil Trangmar had the rods for possible new ones to be built but there had been some options. The final design had to be sorted so that we could work out the loci of the centre of the rod while travelling through its range through a tunnel in the rear spar. The port wing had been modified but the starboard had not but when we set up the text-book movements it appears that we don’t need to take out so much. We have made a dummy aileron rod to explore the movements and so that when we get the real ones welded up they should fit without any rework.

De Havilland 82C Tiger Moth 5084,

The Tiger’s first flight on the 19.6.18 had shown that we had a trim issue bit that is now sorted.  When the guy in the USA had installed the UK type of trim he had moved a left-hand control assembly to the right side of the plane as the brakes were in the place that the UK trim assembly would be. When he moved it over he had to cut the tube and reverse it in doing so he reversed the operating lever and changed the load on the system.

Tony Berryman took it up for its 2nd flight and it the trim issue is now behind us.  For the 3rd flight he took me with him.

Upcoming Events

Palmers Farm annual fly-in is on Saturday the 4th of August and starts at about 10.30 until about 4.30. Food provided at about 12.30.  Drive or fly in.  See airfield info sheet: Airfield info 4.8.18.

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.