September 2014

In this month’s edition:

  • August Strut Meeting Report – Dave Websdale
  • Across the Pond – EAA Chapter Night – Paul Reilly
  • Palmer’s Farm Fly-in – Dave Websdale
  • August Gliding Evening at Ringmer
  • Trip to St Omer 6/7th September anyone? – Don Lord
  • Chilsfold Fly-in Saturday 9th August 2014 – Clive Innocent
  • Is this the ugliest aircraft ever?
  • From Dave Websdale’s Archive: Shoreham Fly-in August 1988 – Maurice White
  • Thorny Island Fly-in – change of venue (… makes sense when you read the article. Ed.)


August Strut Meeting: Richard (Dickie) Bird – Goodwood to Cape Town and back – in a Microlite!

Richard Bird 1Members met at the Swiss Cottage to hear Richard (Dickie ) Bird give his talk on flying to Cape Town and back in a microlight.

This was not a trip for the faint hearted, to start with, the aircraft had never flown before and it relied on being re-fuelRichard Bird 2ed many times in remote destinations on route. Despite obtaining fuel in many types of containers, they never had any problems with the engine throughout their trip.

It was a very interesting talk and was appreciated by all attending.

Dave Websdale

Across the Pond – EAA Chapter Night

On arriving in the United States I wanted to continue my links to homebuilt aviation and decided to hunt down the local EAA group. For the uninitiated the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) is the US version of the LAA providing governance and guidance around home built / experimental aircraft over here.

My local group meets once a month, except over the summer when everyone else is out and about flying around the country. EAA Chapter #84 (No Strut’s here) meet at my local airfield and there evening starts pretty early, around 5:30pm. They have a small building that they meet in to chat and grab a burger or soup / roll in the winter. It’s all done on a donation basis so a couple of bucks sorts out dinner.

Mebbers of EAA Chapter 84 at a meeting.About 6:30 everyone moves to a larger building and those who missed the burgers join us. The Chapter President (Who is an engineer at Dynon, which is based just outside Seattle) goes over the order of the evening, giving new members to introduce themselves to 30 new faces and people can talk about the latest on their projects and where they have been. This is followed by the oddest part when all members have to pledge allegiance to the US flag. I am not sure we could do the same in the Swiss Cottage in Shoreham!

The chapter President of EAA84 addressing the meeting.Onto the main event… my first night had a chat / presentation from a man who runs an air race series. Very interesting and while he was keen to highlight that it is open to all aircraft but it is not something for me, right now. The chat was broken by a doughnut and a coffee which gave me chance to meet some people. The demographic was similar to a strut night in Shoreham but with a few more project in work ranging from a Zenair 701 to a Bede BD5 or Searay.

While it has a similar feel to a Southern Strut night it is certainly a different event from what I am used too. They are a really welcoming bunch and some have turned out to be contacts with my work at Boeing. It is also good to get to fly a few other aircraft as I have already bagged a spin in a Glastar Sportsman and an RV6. Go have a look at the website, yahoo group or Facebook page:

Paul Reilly

Palmer’s Farm Fly-in 2nd. August 2014

Sixteen aircraft flew in to this event with other members arriving by road for a BBQ in the hot sunshine at Tony’s airstrip.

Click on a picture to see a larger version of it.

There were some weather forecasts with rain predicted which may have put off a few more visitors from arriving.  There were apparently some heavy showers out to the west, but fortunately they did not encroach on our event.

Thanks to Tony, Lesley and their helpers for a very enjoyable day.

Dave Websdale

August Gliding Evening at Ringmer

Tony Palmer organised what has now become an annual event; an evening of gliding at East Sussex Gliding Club’s beautiful Ringmer field on 19th August.  A well attended event, everyone got at least one flight in – apart from Tony!  Remarkably the field remained sunny and clement while we could see rain on the nearby downs.  Here are some photos.

Click on a picture to see a larger version of it.

Trip to St Omer 6/7th September anyone?

At the start of the year it was mentioned that we should organise a Fly Out.  A few places were talked about but nothing came of it, there is now the best chance to go across the channel.

On Sept 6th & 7th there is a fly-In at St Omer.   Customs are there though I have never seen them, all the Club need is an arrival slot time, this is to give customs a clue but very few people stick to it.  I go for two days many pilots go there and back in day. To book a slot and get information go to the aero club website.

A good contact is Phillippe, he is on                             Don Lord

Chilsfold Fly-in Saturday 9th August 2014

For the first time, I attended The Chisfold Fly-in yesterday. I must say I was most impressed. Don Lord landed at Hadfold Farm to meet me, as his track was pretty much overhead our strip.

There were more aeroplanes in attendance than I expected. A wide variety of marques, which I took time to admire.  I was particularly taken by a lovely blood red RV4, though they are all great machines in various ways.

I felt I was back in time at the airfield, with the wonderful atmosphere and such pleasant people to chat to. Lots of food too, which I had to hold back on a bit because I was going out for an Anniversary dinner later with my wife !

For me, the sunshine enhanced it all to give a feeling of England as it used to be.
The flight from Hadfold Farm just to the South of Billingshurst was 6 minutes, so just time to cruise climb for an overhead join.

The Bristell was impressively demonstrated by Farry to be very fast, and have super stable slow flight performance. Very nice indeed !

Take-off for return to Hadfold Farm was a bit lively,( as was landing over the trees at home) but smoother after gaining some height. The return flight time would have been just 4 minutes, so I flew South towards the Downs to make it worthwhile.

My downwind leg for 23 Hadfold takes me over Tony Fowler’s strip. On this occasion he was taking off to go to Chisfold. Tony fly’s a Yellow Magni Gyroplane. I’ve had a ride in it and Wow !

I did try to find Ian to thank him and his helpers for a great afternoon, but he had disappeared.

Most enjoyable.                                                                              Clive Innocent ( G-PADE )

Is this the ugliest aircraft ever?

Bristol Type 26 Pullman TriplaneGoing through some of my collection of old aircraft photos, I came across this picture of an early passenger airliner which might be of interest.

Pictured above is the Bristol Type 26 Pullman Triplane.

After the Armistice was signed in 1918, an unfinished airframe of a Bristol Braemar four engined heavy bomber was modified into a Pullman Triplane passenger aircraft which consisted of a crew of two and space for 14 passengers.  It was powered by four 400 hp. Liberty engines and given the Civil registration of G-EASP in 1920.  It had a maximum of 135 mph. and a cruise speed of 100 mph.                                                       Dave Websdale

[Maybe you have your own example of aircraft only their mothers designers could love? Ed.]

From Dave Websdale’s Archive: Shoreham Fly-in August 1988

The following copy is taken from the Strut Newsletter of August 1988 written by Maurice White and is a report on our Strut Fly-in at Shoreham.

What a super little rally we had. Thanks almost entirely to Jeanie and Tom Knight who saw it through from start to finish even though they were leaving for a trip to India the next morning.!!

After helping to mark out the aircraft park in the rain on Saturday in the north-east corner of the airfield, I was surprised when Joan and I arrived on Sunday morning to find the site changed to the eastern boundary.  A much better arrangement.

Colin Tuckley’s trailer tent and awning was up and Jeanie Knight was already taking money for the tombola.  I bought some tickets and sheltered from the rain with the gathering Strut.

The Frenchman Nicolas Kuchto had arrived in his two- seat homebuilt Flying Flea type F-PYFV the previous afternoon and camped the night.

Will Greenwood had got up early and managed to fly his nice little Taylor monoplane G-BDAD in from Bradley’s lawn near Heathfield in less than ideal conditions to be the first arrival of the day.

Quite soon Vic Davies brought his little Sonnerai II over from the North Hangar and gradually Strut aeroplanes including Adrian Brook’s Beagle Pup 100 were brought to our enclosure to provide some interest for the quite large number of people arriving with binoculars and cameras.

A weather report was sent over to us from the tower (thank you) showing that the forecast improvement was already at Bournemouth and we all felt better for that.

Quite soon the improvement was apparent to us and the wind, although quite fresh, was steady down the grass runway 25 and so we were positioned ideally for what was in store.

A steady stream of arrivals was punctuated early on by a Mustang in American military marking that touched down in front of our cameras in immaculate style, but alas not for our rally. It had called in for fuel and customs and departed later for France before an appreciative throng, including two local based aeroplanes that asked specially to delay their take-offs in order not to miss seeing it depart.

The critical viewers were treated to as good a set of demonstrated landings as one is ever likely to see, as our flight line was gradually marshalled by Tony Collyer and his pals. A early arrival was G-BAAY, the Viima bi-plane from White Waltham in company with an old pal and regular visitor to our fly-ins, Alan Bailey in his Jodel 117 G-BAKR.

John Turner flew in the impressively camouflaged Fairchild Argus from the nearby Truleigh strip and Chis Foss (who hasn’t bought another Piper Cub all week ) very sportingly went up to the Parham gliding site to bring down to us the Piper Pawnee G-ASKV.  From Goodwood came a smart little Tipsy Nipper G-ENIE and from Fairoaks came the award winning British built Fly Baby G-BNPV.

During the course of the day there was much coming and going and I managed to give rides to five Strutters and take a turn in the booking in tent as well as take part in Malcolm Blows suddenly arranged “fly around” of most of the Strut aeroplanes.

By the time the tower realised what was happening it was too late!!

It provided a bit of fun that will bring smiles to our faces when remembering in years to come, and at the same time proved that when left to their own devices, our Strut pilots can get eight aeroplanes together – even if we did effectively close the airfield while

Oscar Mike led us around. “Good fun, good fun” as Malcolm says.  Twenty visitors and ten home based aeroplanes gave a varied and interesting days sport.

Three Cubs and the Beagle Pup escorted Richard Ball’s Cub back to Slinfold where the Cub pack landed and the Pup, not wanting to play gooseberry, circled and returned.

Old acquaintances with people and machines were renewed. Ron Beecham travelled up from his new home in Dorset to be with us and tell us that he is keeping his licence current and intending to do more flying now he is retired.

Mike Harrington, who was a very active member a few years ago was at the rally looking for Toon Ghose to help him renew his PPL.

Paul Penn-Sayer our chairman had his pretty little Piper Vagabond at the rally and during the afternoon managed to visit the strip at Ellens Green in co with the Fly Baby.

It’s nice to see Yankee Lady about the countryside again and it has arrived back at Chiddingfold for supper one nice evening since.

My Emeraude was not at the rall ybecause it was having new aileron and flap hinges fitted by SAS and as I write this it has been sold to Peter and Fiona Morris of Aberdeen.

The happiest memory of the rally for me will be of Peter Woodman flying his Auster again after a longish lay-up. It was Peter’s first flight in CK

For along time, it was at our rally…and with his grandson.

You will all be pleased to know that thanks to Link Miles sponsorship, Jeanie’s tombola and temporary membership at the gate (I sold two) the rally actually MADE MONEY.

Grateful thanks to those who helped to make our rally the success it undoubtedly was..

Yours is the true spirit of the Southern Strut of the Popular Flying Association.

F-PYFV N.Kuchto Lille France Flying Flea derivative
G-BDAD Will Greenwood Bradley’s Lawn Taylor Mono
G-AMYL P.Penn-Sayers Bradley’s Lawn Vagabond
G-BMPV J Day Fairoaks Fly-Baby
G-BAAY P. McConnel White Waltham Viims Bi Plane
G-BAKR Alan Bailey White Waltham Jodel 117
G-AXLS E. Gee Bournemouth Jodel 1050
G-BNIK Smeaton Popham Robin HR 200
G-BPYN Stubbs White Waltham J3 Piper Cub
G-AYYT Mead Sandown IOW Jodel Sicile Record 1050M
G-BKGB Watling-Greenwood Deanland Jodel D120
G-AXCY C. Smith Seddlescombe Jodel 117
G-BDCD R. Ball Slinfold J3 Cub
G-BCBL J. Turner Truleigh Fairchild Argus
G-ARVZ K.Jarrett Seddlescome Condor
G-BIOU Howlett Booker Jodel 117
G-AXMN Phillips Farley Farm Auster J5B
G-ASXS Hunter Rochester DR 1050
G-ENIE Weale Goodwood Tipsy Nipper
G-ASKV Chris Foss Parham Piper Pawnee
G-AYMU Mike Baker Shoreham Jodel D 112
G-BAUD Alan Dunn Shoreham Robin DR 400/160
G-BDOL Una Allman Shoreham Piper J3 Cub
G-BBMW Alex Howard Shoreham Chipmunk
G-BDKY Bodo Kaldenberg Shoreham Jodel D120
G-AHCK Pete Woodman Shoreham Jodel D120
G-OCUB P. Ansell Shoreham L3 Cub (C90)
G-BHZG Vic Davies Shoreham Sonerai II
G-CWOT Don Lord Shoreham Currie Wot
G-AWKO Adrian Brook Shoreham Beagle Pup 100
G-BCOM Malcolm Blows Shoreham Piper J3 Cub

Maurice White (written in 1998)

Pictures of some of the aircraft from Dave’s archive.


Thorny Island Fly-in – change of venue

The Bad News

  • The insurance gremlins have got us! For one reason and another we are unable to get event insurance (at a reasonable price) to cover us for this year’s event to be held at or on Thorney Island….

The Good News is….

  • The kind folks at  Goodwood Aerodrome –  5 miles N/E of Thorney have stepped in and let us have their airfield “FREE for Preregistered visitors

The good news continues as…

  • The date has changed too Saturday 28th And Sunday 29th SEPTEMBER 2014
  • If you previously registered there is no need to re-register.  You will be sent pilot notes a few weeks before hand
  • No Landing FEE – But we will be offing you the chance to contribute to the SAFFA – Thorney Branch Funds

Even More Good News

  • SAFFA volunteers will be there serving you tea and sticky buns
  • The Goodwood NAFFIE Waggon will be there to keep you well fed

The Amazing Good news!

  • There will be a raffle & auctions
  • Dinner for 2 at Goodwoods Restaurants to be taken at a later date
  • Auction for a ride in the Goodwood Harvard!
  • The Spitfire will be there for your own “Selfie”
  • You can visit the Army hardware we are moving on site
  • And walk to the Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit for a look see..
  • The best priced Avgas in the South will be offered on the day, with a donation to SAFFA, come and fill up!

Unleaded MOGAS available too

PLEASE do continue to Support the Thorney Island – SAFFA Event by visiting with us at Goodwood on the 28th & or 29th September 2014.

PLEASE REGISTER HERE  we look forward to seeing you at Goodwood

Daryl Cornelius


For a list of the currently planned events look under the menu above or click this link: Events

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