August 2016

  • Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial
  • Fly-in at Palmers Farm on Saturday 6th August 2016

Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial

If you are flying over the Isle of Wight, or in the vicinity of Southampton between 1st August and 16th October, then you should know about the “Solent Collaborative Airspace Trial”.  You are being asked to make yourself known to Solent Radar, either with a squawk and listening watch, or calling them up.  Here is the AIC and a poster giving details (both download as pdf’s).

Fly-in at Palmers Farm (BN27 4AT) on Saturday 6th August 2016

Arrivals are strictly PPR only. Please ring Tony Palmer before take-off to confirm local conditions, wind speed, runway in use etc. Announce your intentions & location on the SAFETYCOM frequency 135.475 MHz. Please do not make unnecessary noise and do not buzz the field or overfly Michelham Priory which is about 1 mile SE. There are now Llamas, Alpacas, Rhea’s and Emu’s in the Hotel grounds so please do not overfly the Hotel grounds. Fly in any time, food (at no cost) will be available from about 12.00 onwards.

Boship roundabout, Road entrance is from the North carriageway of the A22 . Turn at the 100yd board where the sign says PALMERSFARM HOUSE

Palmers Farm Airfield

PALMERSFARM AIRSTRIP-GRASS 04/22 (600X20metres) LOCATION N50.873754 E0.230571 (Google) 50’amsl, 1nm West of Hailsham, 4 nm North of Polgate and 3 nm NE of Arlington Reservoir. The runway in use will be designated with the runway number shown on the threshold in large white numbers.

[You could call in at the Deanland Breakfast Fly-in on the way – see last month’s newsletter for details. Ed.]

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