October 2015

  • Avro Vulcan Farewell Tour
  • LAA Rally at Sywell October 2015 Pictures
  • LAA opens up Uncertified GPS ADS-B Out

Avro Vulcan Farewell Tour

VulcanMap of the farewell tour of XH558 on 10th or 11th of October can be seen at: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zJoGZd3-Qg5U.k3u8IUZTll6M  Full details will be on the Vulcan to the Sky website.

LAA Rally at Sywell October 2015

Some random pictures from the Saturday of the Rally.

LAA opens up Uncertified GPS ADS-B Out

If you have a LAA permit aircraft with an appropriate transponder, it is now simple and FREE to connect an uncertified GPS source and let others know exactly where you are.  Full details on the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group website.

Here are some additional notes from the FASVIG Programme Coordinator Steve Hutt.

This is what the LAA have told me and the words on the FASVIG website do say this… but just to be clear….

If you are installing a new Mode S ES transponder in a PtF a/c you can add the uncert GPS connection for ADS-B Out at the same time: (It is the same for brand new Ptf a/c or avionics upgrade to a flying PtF a/c):- Use the updated MOD 7 form/process..

If your PtF aircraft already has a Mode S ES transponder installation approved via MOD 7 and you want to add an uncert GPS connection for ADS-B Out:-
Use new MOD 14 form/process.

LAA will be issuing an updated Technical Leaflet TL3.03 along with the new MOD 14 form and updated MOD 7 form, which I am advised will be on the LAA website by Friday 2nd October 2015.

Only Mode S transponders with Extended Squitter (ES) functionality are ADS-B Out capable.

Mode S without ES functionality, Mode A & Mode C transponders are not ADS-B Out capable. Sorry, but that is simply how the technology works.

Note that there are specific setup requirements for the Mode S ES transponders that MUST be complied with, e.g. one requirement is ensuring that the Source Integrity Level (SIL) is set to 0. Some Mode S ES transponders do this by default IF they are fed with GPS input data in a format called NMEA0183, which is what most aviation portable GPS unit that can output data can do.

Even if you don’t have a transponder, it’s more of a reason to get yourself a PilotAware!

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately the LAA Fly-In at Goodwood on Saturday 3rd of October is now cancelled.  as the club house is closed for building work.

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.

Please suggest/volunteer to organize some more. 🙂