January 2020

In this month’s edition:

  • Down on the farm 20 – Tony Palmer
  • Paul Penn-Sayer, sad news
  • Strut Christmas Dinner 4th December 2019
  • February Event

Down on the farm 20 – This month 12.19

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

The paint on the wings has now been finished. With the inclement weather upon us we have now gone into the thermally insulated room with heater and have resumed the engine building. They have revisited the cylinder building exercise and are modifying our notes on building Pobjoy engines for the Pobjoy engine builder in the future.

We were repairing some 2BA threads in the casting the other day with a Helicoil set brought from Ebay which was a poor copy in that the internal diameter of the finished thread was undersized and it gripped the tool for installing it so hard that we had to cut it off and I then tried to drill it out and snapped the drill. I ended up having to pay £30 to get it spark eroded out. The moral being test a new tool first in something that does not matter!

We sent an article into the Vintage aircraft magazine and one of the guys there had a photo copy of the log books for our plane that covers all its flying life from 1934 to 1939. Reading it was an eye opener and very interesting to us.  We will hope to find the person that had the actual logbook and attempt to reunite the plane and the logbook.

I guess most people who are in Sussex and who do not fly from Shoreham are in the same boat (pun intended) the air strip here has been un-flyable since the beginning of October and has now reached unplumbed depths (well quite deep) see pic.

The air strip 20.12.19 more like an inland sea! Looking South West That’s our access road this side of the posts and the threshold of 22

Richard Acton is always on about a float plane and if this weather was repeated over longer periods it might be worth it if the wind always was from the SW.

Anyone for a Mobile Control Tower?

And one of our customer’s has the mobile control tower, with all amenities for someone who wants a Christmas present with a difference. Asking price is £16000.

For those who have most things but not one of these (complete with 7KVA  generator, lounge, kitchen, heating,  control tower).Ideal for Parham, Ringmer etc asking price is £16000.

Tony Palmer

Paul Penn-Sayer

Older members of the Strut will be sad to hear that one time strut member Paul Penn-Sayer passed away on Saturday 14th December 2019.

Don Lord

Strut Christmas Dinner 4th December 2019

Our strut Christmas dinner went well with a head count of 33 people although there was a huge traffic holdup on the A27 which delayed some people by about 20 minutes. I think everyone enjoyed the food and the company.

Members old and new enjoying the meal.Members (just old) enjoying the meal.

Tony Palmer


February strut meeting 5.2.20  We will have Philip Skidmore of our Border Force giving us a talk.  Please come and support your Strut, learn and then ask any questions that will have come out of the talk and any that you might have now.  [TP]

Regular meetings are in the Lounge Bar, The Swiss Cottage, Shoreham, 7:30pm.

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.

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