November 2022

In this month’s issue:

  • Down on the Farm 47 October 22 – Tony Palmer
  • Strut Christmas Dinner
  • GA Licensing may be changing: have your say
  • CAA Consultation on Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD)
  • Advertisements
  • Events

Down on the Farm 47 October 22

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

The rudder, elevator and ailerons have been completed and have been reinstalled. The finish of the new fabric is not bad but is definitely inferior to the first version and it is shinier, we might wait and see if it tones down or mechanically reduce the shine, we had put a matting agent in it but struggled to get the gloss correct.

Klemm repainted rudder and elevator

We had mentioned in last month’s newsletter that we were fitting a priming fuel pump; Don Lord got in touch and said he had a spare one at home. He brought it in last club night and we purchased it for the Klemm as the one we had did not have the balls or springs and getting the correct strength of spring was a problem.

The new pump installed

Tony Palmer

Strut Christmas Dinner

It’s that time of the year again, below is a list of the 2022 paid up members. The Xmas dinner will be held at the Tollgate hotel in The Street, Steyning BN44 3WE at 19.30 on the 7th December. Be there at least 15 mins early as the car park gets full. The dinner will be a 3 course and the club will pay all of the cost of the meal for the paid up club member and £10 off of the meal for their partner or friend.

If you have not paid this year and you still want to come, then turn up on this coming club night and re-join for this year and get the benefit of this offer. If you cannot make this Wednesday then ring me and maybe you can settle up on the meal night.

Please let me know ASAP if you want to come and how many heads. Please bring some actual money to pay for your friend/partners meal. Please bring a raffle prize!

We have some strut trophies which have sat on my window ledge all year which need a home; does anyone think that someone has done something worthwhile such that we can award them a trophy? Please give it some thought.

Strut co-ordinators past and present seen at the Rally

Tony Palmer

GA Licensing may be changing: have your say

The CAA is examining the rationalisation and simplification of GA licences (powered aircraft, sailplanes and balloons). Probably a good idea, but these sort of exercises can raise unforeseen problems. Have a look at their proposal and respond to the questionnaire to put them straight here: The consultation closes on 16th December 2022.

CAA Consultation on Pilot Medical Declarations (PMD)

Just like buses, CAA consultations seem to come in packs. If you rely on a PMD to keep flying, or you think you might in the future, you should respond to this call. The details are here:

To respond effectively, you should also read the report on the original consultation held in 2015, here: (downloads as a .pdf).

You may also need to remind yourself of the detail of the PMD requirements. They are here: You will need to scroll down through the page to find them.

Perhaps a bit of a daunting task, but very important. Consultation closes 5th December 2022.


Vans RV 7 Tailwheel 50% Share – £ 60,000

Selling on behalf of my co-owner who has to reluctantly retire for medical reasons.

Based at Laddingford, a quiet private strip in rural Kent with 750m grass runway. The aircraft has always been hangared and well looked after. Very good condition, low hours.

This aircraft was UK built in 2003

  • TTAF 538 hrs
  • Engine Lycoming IO-360, 200 hp 538hrs since top overhaul
  • MT prop 178 hrs
  • Permit to fly till 12 May 23
  • Leather RV seats, carpeted and spats.
  • Radio Funkwerke ATR 833A ,
  • Transponder Trig,
  • GPS Avmap EKP V and Pilot Aware

Can cruise at 140 kt+ or save fuel at 120kt, only22 litres hr.

Contact Geoff Collins 07757 099701 for further details


  • Strut Club Night this month: Wednesday 2nd November, 7:30 pm at The Swiss Cottage, Beer ‘n Chat

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.