May 2017

In this month’s edition:

  • Sun and Fun 2017 picture report By Tony Palmer
  • Local Air Scout Group Looking for Help

Sun and Fun 2017 Picture Report

I don’t think it’s worth trying to get this mod approved here, also you must fly with 2 bikes!
The latest Chinese “SportCruiser clone” note with Zenair front leg instead of the troublesome cantilever Sport Cruiser version.
Visit to Fantasy of flight museum. Sikorsky S-39 – NC50V – Aircraft is “Spirit of Igor” and painted in the giraffe pattern of original “Spirit of Africa.”
Viking 130 HP aero engine based on the 1.5 litre direct injected Honda and there are 2 turbo versions at 150 HP and 170 HP

Just to give an idea how close they were, this was taken with my phone

Edge performance AS based in Norway produce a variety of bolt on goodies for Rotax 912’.  Big bore kits up to 1622cc, special cams, fuel injection, forged pistons, turbo conversions that won’t fail with the waste closed etc
A nice little Garrett jet engine, maybe a fit for the Tucano??
Franco of Flying Legends with me in front of the LSA version of the Tucano
An interesting car which the owner uses on the road, when he drove past it was V8 powered
A little rubber boat someone might want? A bit underpowered though.
Mustangs lined up
Richard Acton re-validated his float-plane licence and I had 45mins flying but the weather was very choppy & a bit cold that day and I had to fly with the doors shut which was a first for me.

Tony Palmer

Local Air Scout Group Looking for Help

I saw these posters in the window of my local shop.

If we aren’t the people that an AIR Scout group is looking for, I don’t know who is.  Could we organise a ‘Young Eagles’ type event for them?

The CAA have relaxed the rules on charity flights (which I guess this could be classed as) and from comments by the LAA Chief Exec when he met with us, it seems the LAA is a lot more relaxed about struts organising these events.  However, the Scouts have slightly more stringent rules.  An extract from the  Scouts Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) chapter 9 on events:

Rule 9.16 Powered Aircraft Flying

b. Powered Flying where no payment is involved.
The requirement for pilot experience level is at least 250 hours total of which 150 hours are as pilot in command of an aircraft including;
  at least 20 hours as pilot in command of an aircraft of the same type as that being used to carry Scout Members of which at least 3 hours must have been within the preceding 90 days; and
at least 3 take offs and 3 landings as the sole manipulator of the controls of an aeroplane of the same type as that being used to carry Scout Members within the preceding 30 days.

That rules me out on a couple of counts, but if you do qualify (and loads of you must) and in principle would be willing to get involved – date and other arrangements to be confirmed – then please let me know via the form below.  If enough people express an interest I’ll have a go at organising it.

Richard Griffiths

Upcoming Events

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.

Please suggest/volunteer to organize some more. :-)