May 2015

  • FASVIG – follow up to last month’s talk by Steve Hutt
  • Ethanol Free Mogas in East Sussex – tip from Mike Lodge
  • The new FASVIG website – information from Steve Hutt
  • If you use SkyDemon on an Apple device – information from Mike Lodge


FASVIG Duxford Event

Steve Hutt, FASVIG Programme Coordinator, gave a talk on FASVIG to the Southern Strut on 1st April 2015.

The Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group (FASVIG) is working to improve the sustainability of General Aviation as part of the CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS).

FAS is reshaping the designs of CAT procedures and airspace. FASVIG is seeking to ensure that GA benefits from FAS too. But we need your help.

Please read the FAS VFR Implementation Programme and volunteer to help us progress the raft of projects we are seeking to deliver.

FASVIG is part of the Governments General Aviation Strategy and successful delivery of the FAS VFR Implementation Programme is one of the CAA’s GA Success Measures


On Saturday 28th March 2015 FASVIG launched the FAS VFR Implementation Programme (aka FASVIP) at the Government/DfT/CAA/FASVIG GA Event at Duxford.

The FASVIP document, together with today’s FASVIG Presentation and other supporting documents are available for download from the FASVIG website hosted by the LAA.

These documents are available here:


The FASVIG website has been recently refreshed. Please take a look. The FASVIG ‘Homepage’ is where it has always been:


The General Aviation Alliance, as part of FASVIG, has launched two Airspace Change Proposals.

The supporting documents for these ACP Consultations are available here:

Please add your support for these ACPs by sending in a response.


FASVIG has issued a call for volunteers to enable us to progress the 25 Packages of Change defined in the FASVIP.

The FASVIG Volunteer Reply Form handed out at Duxford is also available on the website.

Anyone that wishes to volunteer to assist FASVIG can email the same details requested on the form to me at

Please volunteer. There is a great deal to do so every little bit of assistance will help.

Government/DfT/CAA/FASVIG GA Event at Duxford on Saturday 28th March 2015

Besides the FAS VFR Implementation Programme, some other important publications were launched at the Duxford GA Event.

All of the documents referenced below are well worth a read.

The Department for Transport launched their ‘General Aviation Strategy’:

(See FASVIG in the Airspace section on page 27. Steve Hutt provided the FASVIG words!)

The CAA launched their GA Annual Report 2015 (CAP1283):

(See FASVIG in Success Measure on page 27)

The CAA also put out this press release relating to the Duxford GA Event:

And finally, this CAA General Aviation Success Measures summary is available for download here:


Ethanol Free Mogas in East Sussex

Interesting reply just received from the Local Fuels guy. I’ve been using it anyway for the last 5 or 6 years from them with no problems (so far!).

Thanks for your enquiry.

I can confirm that the unleaded petrol sold at all of Local Fuels’ service stations is ethanol free.  May I ask why you have enquired out of interest?  It sounds like you may be aware of some of the possible issues around ethanol fuel blends and the benefits of ‘straight’ unleaded petrol which we sell.

Kind regards,
Anthony Salvidge

For the location of Local Fuels service stations see their website:

Mike Lodge (Stinson G-AFYO)

The new dedicated website has been launched by the Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group. Please take a look.

It has been built since the GA Event at Duxford on 28th March and the successful launch of V1 of the FAS VFR Implementation Programme.

Subscribe for FASVIG Newsletters & Airspace Change Proposal Updates
As well as providing details of the Implementation Programme and FASVIG, the website enables people to subscribe for:

  • FASVIG Newsletters
  • Updates on Airspace Change Proposals of concern to FASVIG

See here:

Volunteer for FASVIG
For those that want to get involved in helping FASVIG deliver the Implementation Programme but who did not have the opportunity to Volunteer at the GA Event, you can now volunteer online here:

We have 25 ‘Packages of Change’ to deliver which will involve many teams covering the whole of the UK.

So we need your help!  Pease Get Involved!

I hope you find the website useful. Do please get involved. Through FASVIG we have a way to make a positive contribution to VFR flying in the UK.

Steve Hutt

If you use SkyDemon on an Apple device

Got this from GNS in Germany today. Might be relevant to some of the boys and girls using SD.

There is a known issue in the IOS 8.3.
For our knowledge the bug will be fixed with the upcoming iOS 8.4
We hope that Apple will provide a iOS8.3x  to fix the problem earlier

Mike Lodge

Upcoming Events

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.

Some possible additional events yet to be finalized:

  • June – Model Flying
  • July – Gliding evening

Please suggest/volunteer to organize some more. 🙂

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