February 2021

In this month’s edition:

  • Eurocontrol Training and Safety Briefing Library
  • Flying at Redhill Just Got Easier
  • You Win Some but…  PMD
  • Down on the farm 29 – Tony Palmer
  • Events – remember those?

Eurocontrol Training and Safety Briefing Library

An interesting safety and training resource (new to me at least), is at: SKYbrary

Flying at Redhill Just Got Easier

Cloud base restrictions have been reverted to those in place before SERA for flying VFR in UK Class D.   From 20 May 2021 VFR can still be available even if the cloud ceiling is below 1500′ AAL, providing viability is greater than 5km.  Should make operations at Redhill much easier.  See: caa.co.uk/News/UK-to-revert-to-previous-rules-for-Visibility-and-Distance-from-Cloud-Minima-for-flying-in-visual-meteorological-conditions/

You Win Some but…  PMD

It seems that the Pilots Medical Declaration allowing piloting of UK permit and Part 21 aircraft in the UK is to be made permanent.  However, the wording on the CAA’s website seems to exclude the previous sub 2000Kg category for certain medical conditions.  I understand that the LAA, BGA, BMAA and AOPA are all after clarification from the CAA that this is their settled intention.  If this will affect you, then watch this space: caa.co.uk/general-aviation/pilot-licences/medical-requirements/medical-requirements-for-private-pilots/

Down on the farm 29

Klemm L25C G-ACXE

We have had to stop building the Klemm over the latest shut-down as Jim has stayed away. We have also applied to the Transport trust for a grant towards the renovation of the plane, if you don’t know about this body go to and read all about what they do for the nation’s hardware. It will make interesting reading: www.nationaltransporttrust.org.uk

Klemm Cowling in construction

Bristell NG5 G-NGBB

This is the new Bristell Demo plane that I am building to replace the Green machine.

The engine installation is 95% complete; the instrument panel is complete apart from the legends. The auto pilot servos are in place as is the disconnect button on the custom throttle lever knob that I made to house the button. The fuel selector is in place and all the fuel, oil and water systems are complete and full of oil and coolant. The wings are complete with strobes, pitot and landing lights installed. Farry is making the electrical harnesses and once they are done and we are past this current lock-down maybe we can finish it!

Port side of engine installation

Fuel selector, green button for AP disconnect, flap and prop controllers

Panel, space in centre is for tablet running Skydemon

Triumph T110 1958

The tin-ware is finished and now the engine is apart. I have purchased new low compression pistons which will help it cope with the modern low-octane fuels, be smoother and easier to start, I guess it might be slightly down on power by say 2HP but it will not matter a jot as it is for road use and most of the time the other attributes will be more useful. New valve springs, new main bearings, new big end shells and bolts etc and anything else which I find a bit lacking or undersize. The bore and crank are still standard size. The motor has definitely seen a fair amount of use as the internal condition of the oil ways show (the oil holes under the oil scraper rings were all but blocked up!

Fuel tank in its new colours

Mudguards and front forks rebuilt and back on

Engine bits rebuilt and polished

Tony Palmer


Corona Virus Restrictions  There will be no club nights for the foreseeable future; we will inform you once the restrictions are lifted.

For the latest list of events, go to the Events page on the Strut website.  I’m including exhibitions and displays later in the year as they are announced; it’s nice to have something to look forward to – let’s hope they happen.